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Pro Bono and Community Outreach

We support our communities through donations and volunteer work.

Each year, the Section’s Pro Bono Committee evaluates and recommends one or more pro bono projects that support the goals of the Section and benefit the Texas environment. The Council welcomes ideas from Section members for worthy pro bono and community involvement projects and Section member support to implement those projects.

Our Initiatives

This year, ENRLS has selected for community outreach donations three organizations that focus on re-foresting several areas around Texas.  Tree Folks in the Austin area, Texas Trees Foundation in the Dallas area, and Trees for Houston in the Houston area all focus on planting and re-planting trees in areas affected by weather and other events, as well as reforesting urban areas.  ENRLS encourages members to visit these organizations’ websites and get involved with tree plantings in your area.

Upcoming Event - Trees for Houston