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Law School Programs

ENRLS has sponsored environmental and water law programs at Texas law schools for interested law students for more than 25 years.  Our objective is to sponsor an annual program for law students at as many accredited Texas law schools as possible.  ENRLS programs usually last about an hour and involve a diverse panel of four to six environmental and water law practitioners.  We often follow programs with a reception and provide food and beverages so that students can interact one-on-one with panelists.

Our goals for each ENRLS program include a qualitative experience for all attendees, practical advice and suggestions, forming relationships, and providing a networking opportunity.  Our programs are not about numbers.  Rather, we want to offer each attendee a positive, encouraging, valuable and enjoyable educational experience.  Over the years, our audiences have ranged from as few as 5 or 6 to well over 100.

Often, our programs consist of each panelist telling their “story,” including describing their initial interest in the subject, their paths to their current practice settings, and what they do day-to-day as attorneys.  Panelists offer practical tips, welcome questions, and weave in discussion of substantive topics of contemporary interest.  Occasionally, an ENRLS panel will focus on one or more substantive topics, such as hydraulic fracturing, climate change, environmental justice/equity, re-use issues related to surface stream water, and the ongoing ambiguous saga of Clean Water Act federal jurisdiction.

Several law firms sponsor our ENRLS student programs, which includes funding receptions and paying travel expenses for speakers.

Check back for upcoming law school program sessions or contact: [email protected]

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