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TreeFolks receives $10,000 from ENRLS to reforest Bastrop & Hays Counties

March 12, 2013

Continuing a partnership that began last year, the Environmental Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Texas provided a $10,000 donation to TreeFolks to support two programs to provide free reforestation services to Central Texas families affected by natural disaster.

The Bastrop County Community Reforestation Project is an ongoing effort to reforest the Lost Pines that were devastated by the historic wildfires of 2011. In partnership with Bastrop County, TreeFolks coordinated the reforestation of the Lost Pines Ecosystem by communicating with landowners, providing education, and providing free trees and planting services to further the reforestation effort on private lands.

The Blanco River Reforestation Program is a four-year partnership between TreeFolks and Hays County to replace riverside forest on the Blanco River that was scraped clean by the 2015 Memorial Day floods. TreeFolks works hand in hand with families affected by the flood by providing free trees, environmental education, and tree planting services. Replacing the riparian forest will be essential to curb future flooding, clean storm water, reduce erosion, replace lost habitat and increase aquifer recharge. The donation from the Environmental Natural Resources Law Section facilitated reforestation for over 100 families on the Blanco River during the 2016-17 planting season, with more planting work to continue in the future.

In 2017, TreeFolks celebrated the planting of 2.2 million native loblolly pine seedlings to 437 families. The donation from the Environmental Natural Resources Law Section closed a critical funding gap for last year, allowing TreeFolks to complete the planting cycle of over 370,000 trees that year alone.